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Ministry of Coffee

Decaf Colombia Las Montanas

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Decaf coffee can often be a contentious topic, but over the last few years, we have seen a rise in quality and care in removing caffeine molecules.

Instead of being transported to a specialist facility thousands of miles from where they were grown, our new decaffeinated beans are processed at the origin using the EA (Ethyl Acetate) Natural method. 

Ethyl acetate occurs when fermenting sugar cane, fruit or vegetables and bonds with caffeine when coming into contact.

They steam the fresh green beans to help open the pours in the beans. They are soaked in the EA solution and thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining solvent before being dried, stored and shipped.

Another fascinating element to this decaffeination style is the brewed flavour profile. Some other methods leave a cup tasting a little empty, but our Las Montanas holds up to the test.

This coffee works perfectly brewed as a filter or espresso and is a great all-rounder that will satisfy even the most demanding coffee connoisseur. 

  • GROWER: Las Montanas
  • VARIETY: Caturra
  • PROCESS: Sugar Cane (Ethyl Acetate)
  • SOIL TYPE: Clay Minerals
  • REGION: Las Montanas, Colombia
  • ELEVATION: 1650-1800
  • HARVEST:  July - November
  • CERTIFICATION: Coventional

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