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Colombia La Pradera Natural

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This exciting coffee ticks almost every box regarding what to expect from modern coffee.

Santander is north of Bogota, and La Pradera’s farm is tucked away in the Andes mountains towards Cucuta.

La Pradera introduced itself to the international coffee market when Oscar Daza’s family estate produced a stunning 90-point coffee that finished in eighth place in the 2019 Northern Colombian Cup of Excellence competition.

The Daza family is hailed as a pioneer in the area for playing a significant role in the organic movement in Santander. In addition to its organic certification, La Pradera is part of the Rainforest Alliance and is Bird Friendly Certified.

The Bird Friendly certification, created by Smithsonian scientists, has been developed to show the importance of coffee farm practices in the ecosystem. Bird Friendly means that the farm is an ideal habitat for migratory birds by using organic fertilisers, encouraging canopy growth and a good tree height for shade growing, resulting in a bio-diverse environment for the local wildlife.

The flavours in this coffee also represent many of what modern coffee lovers look for. 

Expect strawberry bubblegum and grape jelly notes paired with a full-body mouthfeel.

  • GROWER: Hacienda La Pradera | Oscar Daza
  • VARIETY: Castillo
  • PROCESS: Full natural and dried on raised beds
  • SOIL TYPE: Clay Minerals
  • REGION: Aratoca, Santander, Colombia
  • ELEVATION: 1 700- 1950
  • HARVEST:  October -January
  • CERTIFICATIONOrganic | Rainforest Alliance | Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center


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