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Ministry of Coffee

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural

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Berries - Peach - Floral


Our new Ethiopian coffee will have big expectations for those who look for exciting and modern flavour profiles in their cups.

The Yirgacheffe district is one of the most famous areas for coffee production worldwide, often providing the first experience of modern coffee to many new-wave coffee lovers.

The Gedeb District has grown its reputation for quality in recent years, and we are very excited to showcase this coffee from the Banko Gotiti Cooperative.

Organic and Fairtrade certified, this high-altitude coffee is made up of indigenous cultivars, meaning that the coffee’s lineage grew and adapted with the land over hundreds of years in the wild.

A full natural process using signature raised beds adds to the quality we get from the beans. This coffee is a joy to drink, hitting every flavor marker that makes you fall in love with Ethiopian beans.

Expect a bright acidity, with peach, raspberry and jasmine making their way through in taste and aroma, while the mouthfeel is full and luscious, but clean overall.

The coffee is one to be enjoyed black. Adding sugar will create too much imbalance in the cup, making the acidity less enjoyable. Too much milk will drown out all the nuanced notes we loved about this coffee when we bought it.


  • GROWER: Banko Gotiti Cooperative
  • VARIETY: Indigenous cultivars
  • PROCESS:  Full natural and dried on raised beds
  • SOIL TYPE: Clay Minerals
  • REGION: Gedeb District, Ethiopia
  • ELEVATION: 1600-2300
  • HARVEST:  October - December
  • CERTIFICATION: Fair Trade Organic


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