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Ministry of Coffee

"First Wave" Northern Italian Espresso

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Cocoa - Full Bodied - Classic



Our new “First Wave” blend is an elevated throwback to classic Italian coffee.

A balanced mix of Central American Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta varieties creates a classic Italian coffee that closely mimics the flavours associated with darker roasts.

The addition of Robusta gives this coffee an extra kick. Robusta is a different species of coffee from Arabica and holds a significantly higher caffeine content which creates a lot of natural bitterness in taste. Paired with the right coffees, it offers an extra dimension to the taste in your cup.

This coffee is tailored for those who like big, bold flavours. Its smooth, rich and powerful profile makes it perfect for espresso and a great choice for a strong coffee in a french press or moka pot, and it holds up well to additions like milk, sugar or syrups.
40% Honduras Siguatepeque
30% Nicaragua San Juan
30% India Cherry Robusta



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